Email Sample 2: What’s your one thing?

Along with email sample 1, this email was part of a 1-week campaign that led to a 300% increase in paid memberships for my client’s algorithmic stocking trading service.

From: Name, Company

Subject: What’s your ‘one’ thing?

Hey (first name field or there), it’s Name from Company just thinking of one of my favorite movies

Ever see “City Slickers?

Billy Crystal and his friends are hilarious as they take a herd of cattle across the desert.

There’s a great scene where Crystal’s character is asking the old grizzled cowboy, played by Jack Palance, what the secret to life is.

The cowboy raises his finger and growls, “One thing…just one thing.”

And that got me thinking…

When it comes to profitable trading what’s YOUR one thing?

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I’m not talking about having insider knowledge or finding hidden trading secrets here.

No, I’m talking about the one thing that you need to consistently make money…because let’s face it—the market is a dog-eat-dog world.

And every successful trader has their one thing…their EDGE.

Without it you’re at the mercy of the markets…becoming just another stock market statistic.

So, what’s your edge?

And how can you know it’ll will keep working for you, no matter what the market does?

Well, here’s the best place to start.

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With Product you will finally have that edge to make the kind of money you always wanted from the stock market. And I’m not talking hypothetically here, but real-world results.

In fact, since 2013 we’ve taken a small group of traders who had been struggling to get ahead and turned their trading– and their lives–completely around.

With Product, you don’t need any special stock market experience…or to download any special software…or spend hour after frustrating hour trying to learn something new.

Instead, you’ll have a fast and easy way to take control of your financial future…we’re talking in just minutes a day.

That’s right–no more spending hours trying to figure everything out…no more flying by the seat of your pants and hoping for the best…no more throwing away money on systems that don’t work.

In fact, when you broker sees how well you’re doing he may come to you asking for advice.

How about that for a change?

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This is the same program that was featured as a finalist at the prestigious NAAIM Shark Tank competition this past May…the competition where the top investment managers, handling billions of dollars of other people’s money, go to find the best of the best in trading ideas.

But you don’t have to be an investment manager to get Product…in fact, it isn’t offered to investment managers at all…at any price.

It’s only available for us regular trading Joe’s.

And now for a limited time it won’t cost you a penny to try it out.

But I’ve only got 100 spots available for this special offer and when they’re gone, they’re gone.

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Take a close look at what Product offers…

Because you won’t find another program that gives you this much power to take control of your financial future anywhere else.

No more worrying about paying the bills…no more agonizing over the next round of layoffs…no more living in constant fear of what might happen to your retirement plan.

When you look back on this moment, this may be the ONE THING that changed your financial future forever.

So you ready to get started?

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Until next time,

P.S. Do you remember what the “one thing” from City Slickers actually was?

It turned out to be different for everyone. But the point was, each person has a “one thing” that’s the secret to their life. And they have to figure out for themselves what that is.

However, with Product, you don’t have to figure out ANYTHING. There is no faster or easier way to greatly increase your trading profits…

While cutting your losses.

It could be your ONE THING…but you’ll never know unless you check it out.

And right now it won’t cost you a cent.

How can you beat that?

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