Email Sample 1: Don’t fall for this…

This sample and email sample 2 were part of a 1-week campaign that led to a 300% increase in paid subscriptions for my client’s algorithmic stock trading subscription service. Prospects were familiar with algorithmic trading strategies, but not my client’s service.

Subject: Don’t fall for this…

Hey there, Name here again. Just the other day I was reading an interesting post by a well-known systems trader…

In his post, this trader was asked if he had a system that doubled your money every month, starting with just $1000.

He responded that no he didn’t.

To which the person said that they already knew of a system that did that, thank you very much.

Kind of begs the question…if you already have a system that turns $1000 into $4 million in a year why are you looking for anything else?

Because that’s what happens when you double $1000 every month for a year…$1000 becomes $4.096 million. Which got me thinking…

There are so many outrageous claims made in the world of investing and trading.

And so many different types of scams trying to separate you from your money, it’s impossible to identify them all.

Besides a new one will pop up tomorrow.

So how do you protect yourself from falling prey to a scammer?

Well, here are some signs you can look for…

  1. Someone you don’t know makes you an “inside” deal? Why would a stranger pick you to get rich? Doesn’t make sense.
  2. You are offered a “can’t miss” trading system (or your money back) that will make you wealthy. Such a system doesn’t exist, and if it did, why would anyone ever sell it?
  3. There are no market secrets…unrevealed information…secret passwords…don’t fall for them.
  4. Watch out for claims that a stock is about to break out…this is a classic pump and dump scam where the scammers buy up a thinly traded stock. Then they start promoting it as the next “big thing”. The price jumps as people buy into the lie, at which time the scammers sell. Once the spike is over, the stock craters leaving everyone else holding the bag.
  5. Beware of any guaranteed returns…because there aren’t any.

The bottom-line, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Enough said.

If you’re ready for a proven system (not just outrageous claims) that puts the odds in your favor on every trade.

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