IonPure Ionizer

Are you feeling fatigued? Depressed? Suffer from allergies?

Today people are getting sick more than ever due to the increasing amount of pollutants, viruses, bacteria, allergens, and toxins in our air. Many of these particles are odorless and completely undetectable.

We’re under attack with every breath we take.

That’s what makes an air ionizer indispensable for any home or office. An ionizer does more than just mask odors; it eliminates them. The negative ions released bind with harmful particles, removing them from our air.

Furthermore, these negative ions have been shown to improve our mood, reduce static electricity, improve our sleep, and eliminate allergens.

Your house will smell fresh and re-energized. (Think of how the air smells after a thunderstorm.) 

But with so many options, finding the perfect one can be challenging. Not to worry, we did the hard work for you. Read on to see our top five ionizers and all the details on our number one pick.

Ivation Ozone Generator Air Purifier, Ionizer & Deodorizer

The Ivation Ionizer provides 24/7 dust control and does a good job removing allergens from the air. This heavy-duty ionizer covers up to 3500 square feet, big enough for the whole house. It features an attractive cherry wood finish and stainless steel cabinet. It’s quiet and works well on stubborn odors, like smoke or urine. 

The drawbacks are that it is big and bulky. Also, when placed in a bedroom, the lights can be annoying when trying to sleep. In addition, it doesn’t meet the California Clean Air Regulations and can’t be shipped to California.

Clarifion – Air Ionizers for Home

The Clarifion Air Ionizer plugs into any standard outlet. It has a sleek design, low noise, and low energy consumption. The unit is compact and portable and comes in packages of three.

Though the Clarifion Air Ionizer is good at removing allergens and dust, it’s not so great on odors.

IonPacific Ionbox

The Ionbox connects to any laptop or USB outlet. It’s energy-efficient, has a compact design, and has a strong ion output. Each unit covers up to 500 square feet. The Ionbox effectively removes allergens and dust from the air.

The disadvantages are that it’s cheaply made. Also, it isn’t effective against bacteria or viruses. In addition, the fan is noisy, like a laptop computer working overtime.

BaseAire 555 Pro Ion Machine

The BaseAire 555 is compact and lightweight. The carry handle makes it easy to move from room to room. The ionizer has a high ion output. Plus, it has a built-in 180-minute timer. The ionizer is durable and comes with a 2-year warranty. It’s great for eliminating pet and smoke odors.

The drawback is that there is some fan noise. Also, you’ll need to clean the dust filter regularly.

IonPure Ionizer: Our Number One Pick for 2022

The IonPure Ionizer was the most effective in our testing at eliminating odors. IonPure designed its ionizer to eliminate some of the most pungent odors using an advanced activated oxygen and ionization technology.

The unit is super easy to use, with no special installation required. Just plug it into any standard wall outlet. The blue indicator light shows that it’s working. You’ll quickly be breathing clean, fresh air.

The IonPure Ionizer harnesses the same negative ions produced by mother nature to help boost our energy and improve our mood.

The negative ions released by the IonPure Ionizer scrub the air without any chemicals. They bind to harmful particles, pulling them from the air. All you’re left with is pure fresh air that invigorates your health.

But more than removing odors, the IonPure Ionizer has been shown to eliminate nearly 100% of the harmful bacteria and viruses in our air.

Also, you’ll never have to worry about maintenance with no filter to clean or replace.

And unlike other ionizers, the IonPure unit runs ultra-quiet. You won’t even know that it’s there. 

The IonPure Ionizer is 100% eco-friendly. It had the lowest energy consumption of the ionizers we tested. With its adjustable settings, you can choose either 24/7 operation or 30-minute intervals.

Customers love the IonPure Ionizer.

“I suffer from chronic allergies, particularly in the summer. While there’s probably nothing that will eliminate my allergies entirely (not even my Allegra), the IonPure has made a huge difference. It’s such a simple thing to use, and I can literally feel the better air quality when I breathe and, honestly, in my overall health. This little thing is truly a lifesaver if you have allergies.” Corinne G. Bloomington, IN

“So I just moved into a new apartment in Chicago where the previous tenant was a smoker. I tried everything I could to get rid of the dank, musty smell like scrubbing, opening the windows, spraying with Febreze, blasting fans, everything. It either worked temporarily or just covered it up. The IonPure actually got rid of the odors and toxins, which removed the musty smell entirely. It was super easy!” Curtis L. Clanton, AL

“I started working from home last year, and I have to say I didn’t realize how bad my air quality was until I had to sit in it all day. After a few months, I noticed a higher level of congestion that even made it hard to sleep. Once I started using IonPure, the problem absolved itself in just less than a week. I even bought three more to put in my kids’ room, the kitchen, and the bathroom. We honestly can’t live without them now.” Kimberly E. Hope, KS

IonPure Ionizer comes with the most comprehensive 3-year warranty we’ve ever seen. The warranty covers all the following:

  • If your product is found to be defective, they’ll replace it with a brand new one!
  • If your product is ever scratched, they’ll replace it with a brand new one!
  • If any product ever experiences a dent, they’ll replace it with a brand new one!
  • If at any time you experience any internal component damage, they’ll replace it with a new one!
  • And under the 3-year warranty, they even cover you for loss or theft

We expected the IonPure Ionizer to sell for a much higher price with so much to offer. However, we were pleasantly surprised to see how affordable IonPure made their ionizer. 

And with their 30-day money-back guarantee, you have nothing to risk.

The IonPure Ionizer is perfect for pet owners, smokers, or anyone that wants to keep their home or office smelling fresh and clean.

So if you’re looking for a natural and convenient way to remove odors and toxins from your home, the IonPure Ionizer is your small, discrete, yet powerful solution.