Content Brief Example

These are the points we will review and agree on for your content piece. If you already have something similar, no worries. If not, I will provide a template that addresses each of these points.

Headline: Proposed headline for the article

Overview: An overview of the article including key points

Target Keyword: The primary keyword that you want to rank for

Secondary Keywords: Secondary keywords to be included in the article

Searcher Intent: What is it that the searcher is trying to find using the primary keywords

Success Criteria: How will we measure success of this content

Target Influencers: Key influencers we can reach out to promote this content

Word Count: The length of the article

Main Takeaways: What we want our readers to take away from this content

Competition: Top competing posts for our primary keywords

Outline: Suggested article outline

Other Notes: Any other comments that are relevant to this content

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